Sista Teas is for Sistas around the nation who aren't afraid of a little adventure when it comes to their taste pallet. 


We are a handcrafted premium tea company offering loose leaf tea blends and other various products to satisfy your tea sipping needs. We’ve carefully researched and tested all of our products to provide nothing short of an amazing experience.


Sista Teas was founded when I received a word from God to open up a tea business. My family and myself have always been passionate about tea. Growing up in a Caribbean household tea was always the number one drink of choice. If you're sick? Drink some tea. Bored? Drink some tea. Something to drink with your breakfast? Drink some tea. As you can see, tea played a big role in my up bringing. Drinking tea with others welcomes an unexplainable bond. My hope is to share my tea passion with new and experienced tea lovers.

- Shantay, Founder & CEO