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Spill the tea

Handcrafted Tea Blends

Sista Teas tea's are custom made teas handcrafted in small batches because quality always out rules quantity. We carefully pick our ingredients to make sure we satisfy your tea sipping needs.

Featured: Jasmine Green

If you're looking for a green tea with floral and sweet aromas Jasmine Green tea is perfect for you. Infused with Jasmine blossoms the natural scent of this tea is incredibly amazing. This tea is a perfect addition for your self-care routine.

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Chamomile Chai has got to be my favorite of the teas. I followed the steeping directions and added vanilla oat milk and a little sugar and it was amazing! No one over powered another, and it was fun to make.

- Ashley D

So Good!

"Amazing aromas, amazing taste. God is working through these teas."

-Shantay Beccan (Co-Founder)


As soon as you open the package you smell the tea, it’s amazing. Even if you’re not a frequent tea drinker, you’ll love it! The taste is really one of a kind & is one of the best lemongrass teas I’ve ever had. Will for sure buy again.

- Sierra E

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