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Blue Moon Tea Blue Moon Tea
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Blue Moon Tea
From $22.04
  • Blue Moon Tea
Orange Moroccan Mint Orange Moroccan Mint
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Orange Moroccan Mint
From $19.96
  • Orange Moroccan Mint
Vanilla Blossom Vanilla Blossom
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Vanilla Blossom
From $20.96
  • Vanilla Blossom
Tropical Day Tropical Day
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Tropical Day
From $27.84
  • Tropical Day
Vanilla Rose Vanilla Rose
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Vanilla Rose
From $19.96
  • Vanilla Rose
Fruity Breeze Fruity Breeze
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Fruity Breeze
From $16.96
  • Fruity Breeze
Citrus Hibiscus Citrus Hibiscus
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Citrus Hibiscus
From $16.96
  • Citrus Hibiscus
Remedy Remedy
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From $22.96
  • Remedy
Blooming Berry Blooming Berry
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Blooming Berry
From $20.87
  • Blooming Berry
Ginger Rose Maté Ginger Rose Maté
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Ginger Rose Maté
From $19.96
  • Ginger Rose Maté

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The Tea Bar

With summer just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about how to keep your skin looking and feeling...

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When anyone hears the word “green tea”, I'm sure the first idea that comes into your mind is a tea for weight loss. Gunpowder green tea

Our Blue Moon tea is made with Butterfly Pea Flower, Soursop tea leaves and Ginger. This combination alone is packed with so many benefits! 

In this article we will explain the four main categories of tea and how each of these teas are created.

Green tea is a signature staple in many daily diet as well as having many beneficial uses for health for centuries....