4 Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea With Lavender

4 Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea With Lavender

When lavender comes to mind you may automatically think about your favorite lavender scented body wash or even your lavender air freshener. Did you know that lavender can be enjoyed as a drink as well? In fact, lavender flower may be the ingredient that you need to add a nice kick to your tea sipping session. The enjoyable aromas and delicious taste of lavender does not stop there, lavender also have amazing medicinal benefits that may help your body when you steep it.

Medicinal Benefits of Lavender Tea

1. Lavender May Enhance Your Sleep

Research shows that when you drink a cup of lavender tea before bed it could enhance your sleep quality. An herbal tea blend that contains lavender will combat anxiety and insomnia because of the lavender essential oils that is released in a cup of tea. 

2. Lavender May Enhance Skin Health

If your skin needs a boost drink some lavender tea. Lavender tea may enhance the glow on your skin because lavender contains a powerful antioxidant that will help limit the damage that is caused to the skin. Drinking lavender tea may also help fight against pre aging skin. 

3. Lavender May Decrease Inflammation

Lavender contains compounds that are anti inflammatory. While our bodies do have inflammation to heal itself, an influx of inflammation is not good. Drinking lavender tea will help decrease the excessive inflammation in the body.

4.Lavender May Help With Digestion

Drinking a cup of lavender tea may help sooth any present digestive issues like stomach cramps, indigestion, and upset stomach. 


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