5 Amazing Benefits of Elderberries

5 Amazing Benefits of Elderberries

Elderberries is a superfood that you should know about! Having many benefits for the immune system and heart functions, elderberries contains a number of highly concentrated antioxidants and vitamins. 


5 Benefits of Elderberries


1. Acts as A Natural Diuretic 

Diuretics are water pills that help rid the body of sodium and water. This water pill is used to help the kidneys release sodium into your urine. The result is a decreased the amount of fluids flowing through your veins and arteries, which leads to a reduction of blood pressure. Incorporating elderberries into your routine will offer a natural way towards achieving these results.

2. Fights Cold and Flu

Incorporating elderberry when you're dealing with the cold or flu will reduce the duration of the illness. WebMD suggest that the recommended dosage should be 1 tablespoon of elderberry syrup four times daily for three to five days.

3. Build's Immunity

Elderberries contains a ton of immune-boosting properties. Elderberries include vitamins like vitamin A, B and C. These are key vitamins that helps protect the body by strengthening the immune systems which will allow for a better chance to fight off infections, cold or flu.

4. Supports Skin Health

Elderberries have natural anti-aging properties thanks to it's anthocyanin content. This is the compound that is responsible for giving elderberries it's rich color. Anthocyanin is amazing for combating aging by improving the skin's glow and texture. Elderberries are also responsible for moisturizing the skin due to a rich source of vitamin A and C. 

5. Anti Inflammatory

Inflammation has been the root of many chronic diseases. When incorporating elderberries into the diet it could help reduce inflammation in the body. Elderberries contains a variety of bioactives like tannis and flavonoids that is known to help the fight against inflammation. 


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